Christian Family in Vietnam Loses Their House

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Articles

Local believer Tien* and his family were forced to leave their house in South Vietnam on Dec. 6. The property belonged to a local company that provided housing benefits to its employees, among whom, was Tien.  

Prior to Dec. 6, a district official confronted Tien about the birthday party he organized at his house last Nov. 30. Part of the program was to baptize seven new believers.

The same official later charged Tien of conducting an “evangelistic event” for 50 people and pressured his employer to forfeit him of his housing benefit. Despite two decades of service, Tien’s employer ordered him out of the company property.

“Tien actively shares his faith to others,” said a local source. “A hundred people got to know Jesus Christ through his ministry… Please pray for him and his family. They do not know how to manage this Christmas season and Lunar New Year.”

Please pray for:

  1. God to provide a new house for Tien and his family.
  2. Tien to remain in his faith and continue sharing it with others in spite of what happened.
  3. God’s grace to strengthen Vietnamese believers during this Christmas season, as they are likely to face similar pressures from local officials who are suspicious of Christian gatherings and meetings.

*Pseudonym used and other details withheld to protect Tien and his family. 


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